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APL is about entrepreneurs’ empowerment through proven system & incredible teamwork. The company’s leaders truly believe that a MLM system is like a family. The company’s owners, upper management and partners do everything according to the “GO” motto: “If you made a decision act upon it!” this motto became part of the company’s culture from the early days.

APL was successful from the beginning. The first company’s presentation was held on November 11, 2011, in Kazakhstan. Six years later new distribution networks from over 50 different countries joined the APL family, including Kirgizstan, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Germany and Azerbaijan.

Where is our company today

  • There are 250,000 partners in over 50 countries all over the world.
  • 1,200 partners have enjoyed exotic vacations in 26 countries as a the gift from the company.
  • The company owns a 48,438 sq. foot manufacturing facility in Europe.
  • The company has opened 11 cosmetic lines.
  • 4,000 partners earn 1,500+ euros a month.
  • Every second partner in the company received a promotion or giveaway gift.
  • The company has spent more than half a million euros on giveaways.
  • The company has gifted 70 million euros in products during promotions and giveaways.
  • 2,500 partners were trained and certified in the proprietary "GO" system.
  • The company has spent 4 million euros on luxury recognition gifts.

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***Earnings Disclaimer
The earnings results are presented on this website are not typical. You have to use your own judgment to join the company.