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Everyone in APL’s upper management is strong, brilliant and inspirational. Collectively they are a dynamic team that can do impossible.

Their main mission is the company’s growth and development where every hard-working person has an opportunity to get rich. They believe that getting rich is not only about financial independence, it is also about personal growth and development, traveling with friends, family, etc.

APL partners appreciate the APL leaders’ support, motivation and inspiration.

Sergey Kulikov

APL Founder & President, business coach, author and the founder of the "Millionaire School"

Sergey was only 17 years-old when he started in the MLM business. He successfully built his downline in a short one month period. Unfortunately, his ambitions weren’t really appreciated by the company’s management and a big chunk of his downline was pulled away from him.

Frustrated, he left that company. Fortunately, this was a blessing in disguise because he met his future wife Olga who was one of the distributors in the same company.

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Learning from the school of hard knocks, Sergey started his own MLM company that was based on integrity and teamwork principles. He earned his first million euros at age 21.

His mission is to share his business expertise and life experiences with others to inspire, teach, support growth spiritually.

Sergey likes to travel with his family and share his thoughts and observations during these trips on his blog.

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Olga Kulikova

Creative Director, Editor-in-Chief of the "APL PLANET" magazine

Olga is a unique leader who is very intuitive and attentive to small details. Her talent allowed her to build a team of very creative individuals who bring to life innovative ideas.

Olga has three Bachelor’s degrees and one Master Degree. She is constantly learning and expanding her horizons.

Her mission is to inspire her husband and raise her family. However, her family goes beyond her husband and daughter, it also includes more than 250,000 APL partners all over the world.

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Olga likes to read, so she is constantly expanding her library. One of her hobbies is ballroom dancing.

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Alexander Stepanov

VP of Sales, APL

Alexander is responsible for hundreds of new APL offices across Russia and CIS (Commonwealth Independent States). 30 years of experience in upper management and leadership has made Alexander savvy in business management operations.

When Alexander learned about the MLM business he saw a huge business opportunity.

He decided to join ALP because of ALP’s foundation and integrity principles.

Ekaterina Pal’yanova

PR director, APL

Ekaterina was hired by APL as an event planner in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She started off by organizing the first-anniversary party for the company. She often jokes that she found her first grey hair while organizing this event.

In spite of her first grey hair story, she fell in love with APL and decided to join the company.

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Born and raised in Siberia, Ekaterina was dreaming to move to Brazil. When she was in college Vladimir Posner, French-born Russian-American journalist and broadcaster, made a remark about her, “The sharp journalist is growing.”

A few years later she was writing and searching for news stories. Her expertise expanded into event planning and PR (public relations).

Ekaterina believes that there are no difficult tasks; someone just needs to look at them from a different perspective.

Ekaterina’s mission is to continue with the company’s successful projects and make her peers happy.

She is interested in learning foreign languages. She also enjoys reading and traveling.

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Konstantin Ivanov

The Head of the Partner’s Relationship Department, APL

Konstantin knows all the answers to partners’ questions. His instructions are always precise and clear. He gives the best step-by-step solution on how to solve the problem.

His expertise is banking systems and company operations algorithms.

In school Konstantin preferred math disciplines to biology and literature.

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While he was perusing economics degree at the Mechanical Engineering school he was also looking for different career avenues. After a few years of working at the bank without any satisfaction, he joined APL.

Konstantin’s mission is to make all operations simple, easy, clear and automated.

His hobby is cardistry, performance art card flourishing. He always keeps a deck of cards on his table. He admits that his hobby helps him to relax. Konstantin was one of the best professional Russian cardists who participated in international cardistry competitions.

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